The Shed, Falmouth

At the very beginning of December a few my friends at uni invited me to their house Christmas meal at The Shed in Falmouth. To be honest, I wasn't aware The Shed served anything other than their quirky cocktails, so I was pleasantly surprised to hear they served food.

The Shed - December 2015
Cocktail menu: here
Food menu: here

After having a brisk scan of their menus online, my friends and I were under the impression that we would be able to order from the Christmas menu upon arrival, only to find when ordering that the Christmas menu was pre-order only. When I checked the online menu later on it did in fact say 'pre-order only' in a massive pink box, underlined. We are fools. Nevertheless, the regular menu looked good enough, so we were not majorly disappointed. I decided to order the 'chargrilled chicken burger', and a hot chocolate as I hadn't dressed for the weather.

The drinks were brought over to us immediately but, after a lengthy wait for food, our waiter came back to admit that he had forgotten to put our order through. He was genuinely the most apologetic waiter I have ever been served by - I know for certain that nobody in the chain restaurant I work at would be as apologetic as he was. Before we could tell him it was fine (we did not mind the wait at all), he said that the kitchen were bringing out complimentary starters for us (we had not ordered any otherwise), and then offered us drinks on the house! I asked for a Roxanne - a vodka-slushy cocktail, garnished with a rainbow lace and haribo hearts - and was instead offered two by the waiter as it was a 2-for-1 cocktail night. Two free cocktails? Yes please, thank you.

The Shed offers three starters, and all three were brought out to us. I don't particularly like olives, but their mixed marinated olives and feta were the best I have tried so far. The other two starters were better together than alone - the bread was delicious when dipped in the hummus. Oh my, that hummus. It was so good. As for the mains, the burger bap did not fall apart, which is always a plus, and came served with chips. The chips were fairly mediocre, nothing you couldn't do yourself. The burger, on the other hand, was excellent. Both were exceptionally filling. With the slightest room for dessert, I ordered The Shed's 'sweet waffle', which came topped with vanilla ice cream, maple syrup, and chocolate sauce. I would highly recommend it if you have a sweet tooth, otherwise it would probably be a bit too overwhelming for your taste buds.

Overall, I would give The Shed 8/10. The food was generally good, the cocktails, hummus, waffles, and the service we received was even better.


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