February and March Spotify Playlists

April is here! With it I have brought my overdue February and March Spotify playlists... at last! Just like before, I have highlighted my favourite songs in bold.

February in the order of addition:
  • The National - I Need My Girl
  • Taking Back Sunday - Timberwolves At New Jersey
  • Taking Back Sunday - MadeDamnSure
  • Taking Back Sunday - Liar [It Takes One To Know One]
  • Grimes - California
  • Grimes - Flesh Without Blood
  • Grimes - Belly Of The Beat
  • Grimes - Kill V. Maim
  • Ryan Adams - Wildest Dreams  
  • Chaos Choas - Do You Feel it?

January Spotify Playlist

If you've read my previous monthly playlist posts, you may notice that this one lacks inspiration. I considered skipping this month but felt compelled to highlight my favourite (yes, only one!) from this playlist; so here we are, with Black Water by Timber Timbre.

Gwithian, Godrevy, and Seals

Last Sunday began with a drive to the Cornish North Coast with Sam.

When we arrived, our first port of call was Godrevy Lighthouse. We walked towards it along the coastal path behind Gwithian beach, and, despite the overcast weather, were still welcomed with incredible views of the sea. What was probably a 45 minutes-or-so walk flew by; before I knew it, we were staring at the lighthouse head-on. The brooding weather provided a great opportunity to see the sea crash against the island of the lighthouse, creating a very gothic, Frankenstein-eque scene. Also, Sam informed me that Godrevy is allegedly the exact lighthouse that inspired Virginia Woolf's To The Lighthouse. Apparently she was on the other side of the St. Ives Bay (in St. Ives) when she wrote it. Cool, right?

Roskilly's Farm and Porthoustock Beach, Cornwall

Aidan visited Falmouth at the beginning of January, so we decided to continue our tradition of driving to Roskilly's ice cream farm and Porthoustock beach! 

December Spotify Playlist

As suspected, I spent the majority of December exhausting my November playlist, meaning that I did not explore any new songs or artists this month. Just as well; I think that discovering the beauty in grime last month was enough to satisfy my needs for music exploration for a while. Speaking of which, I was surprised to find JME's 'Integrity>' was Banquet Record's album of the year - the LP is sold out on their website! So cool.

Anyhow, for December, rather than tackling new music, I was more attentive to musicians I had already heard. Admittedly I neglected updating my playlist, but I will try to discuss all of the significant things I have missed!