August and September Spotify Playlists

Finally I present to you my extremely late August and September Spotify playlists update - oops!
N.b. I have listed my newfound favourites in bold.

Septum Piercing

I must have been about 14 years old, and probably going through that scene phase or something alike, when I decided I wanted my septum pierced. At the time I dared not ask my mum for permission because I knew she would consider it too eccentric, and unequivocally say no, and instead settled for getting the side of my nose pierced. However, after a staggering four failed attempts at maintaining and re-piercing my the side nose (which, incidentally, I would like to try again), I figured - at 17 years old - it was probably time to give up with my piercing escapades. Now, after a good few years of respite, I thought I'd finally fulfil the last of my teenage endeavours before I properly begin adulthood... *cries at the thought of being a proper adult*.