January Spotify Playlist

If you've read my previous monthly playlist posts, you may notice that this one lacks inspiration. I considered skipping this month but felt compelled to highlight my favourite (yes, only one!) from this playlist; so here we are, with Black Water by Timber Timbre.

Black Water was recommended to me. When I listened to it properly, on my own for the first time, I was instantly drawn in by the mellow vocals and relatable hook, "all I need is some sunshine,  all I nee-e-e-e-d". It's a perfectly apt song for the colder months. Come February we are all hoping for 'some sunshine' to cure our winter blues. Moreover, I was rather easily fascinated by the unintelligible ending to the song. When I turned to Google for help, some websites determined the song ends with a repetition of "black water (pull me down)" (plausible), whereas another claimed it ends with a repetition of "but I want a good thing, want a good thing". The latter seems far-fetched, if you ask me. Personally, I can hear what sounds like a muffled repetition of "water", but when I lower the volume it sounds like a repetition of "modern life"? Although I would like to know the actual lyrics, for now I feel content with the ambiguity - I think it makes the song a little more atmospheric.

Besides Black Water, I enjoyed listening Shit In Your Cut more this month, and the song by Manchester Orchestra, which I hadn't heard before.

(Is it me or does this post take a quick turn the moment Shit In Your Cut is said?)

Finally, the majority of my off-playlist music consisted of New Order's album, 'Substance'. My favourite song, Kiss Of Death, is sadly not on Spotify (at the moment?), but can be listened to here.


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